Leaving Perfection (A Poem)

“The Imperfect Is Our Paradise” — W.S.

“The Imperfect Is Our Paradise” — W.S.

I’m in the best relationship.

My person is good to me.

My person loves me.

My person accepts me.

My person is loyal.

My relationship is positive.

My relationship is beneficial.

I overall enjoy the relationship.

But I choose to leave.

I have the “best” job in the world.

My employer values me.

My employer appreciates me.

My employer invests in me.

My employer respects me.

The job is fun and enjoyable.

The employees are awesome.

I overall like the job.

But I choose to leave.

I live in the most beautiful city.

The city is enjoyable.

The city is filled with opportunities.

The city is continually developing and stays lively.

The city is breathtakingly beautiful.

The city is filled with my friends and ample amounts of amiable people.

The city is familiar, and my family is here.

I enjoy the city.

But I choose to leave.

Because I know the “best” is not always the best for me.

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