Life Is Precious

In Memory of Sue

Destiny S. Harris

Photo by Aaron Burden

Life is so precious

Yet life is so vague

Life starts abruptly

Yet life can end so harshly

Life can be beautiful

Yet life can be ugly

Life is a maze

That can always confuse thee

Cherish the moments

That life gives to you

And never live in bitterness

For all that life does to you

Love and let go

Is sometimes all you can do

In this beautiful-ugly life

That seems to not cherish you

But in the moments it does

Live, Love, & Be Grateful


This is all you can do

Stay safe, smart, well, & healthy during this time of COVID-19. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and other humans you will never know.

+ HIT that HEART!

Please Take A Moment of Silence For Loved Ones You Have Lost.
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