Maintaining A Positive Mental Attitude

Excerpt from: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Excerpt from: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Maintaining a positive mindset is a crucial habit to have. Throughout life, you will come across different events and people that can either influence you positively or negatively; ultimately, you decide how you allow people and life circumstances to affect you. If you make a commitment to maintain a positive mental attitude, you will develop a positive force so strong that will consistently propel you forward in life. In addition, a positive mental attitude can bring healing for others who are around you. Even if your day is not going according to your satisfaction, act as if you are having a good day anyways. Often, when you force yourself to have a positive mental attitude, it will soon become a habit, and after a while, you will naturally and consistently maintain a positive mental attitude even in the most despondent circumstances, which will inevitably bring you right out of them.

If you constantly speak negative, most people will not want to be around you because consistently being around negative people can be mentally and emotionally draining; negativity is infectious. Negativity destroys, but positivity creates and builds up. If you ever want to get anywhere in life, with any endeavor you undertake, you will come to find out how far positivity can take you. One of the main characteristics that some employers seek is: positivity. Employers know that positive people can be just as (or more) infectious than negative people. Moreover, employers realize that positive people handle constructive criticism, setbacks, overwhelming tasks, complex situations, and their overall job in a positive manner. Positive people are easier to work with and more enjoyable to be around. Learn how to maintain a positive attitude if you have not already mastered this valuable habit. The dividends you receive from maintaining a positive mental attitude will be more rewarding then you may realize.

A positive mental attitude not only affects the people around you, but it also affects you and what you are hoping to obtain and accomplish in your life. Watch and observe your thoughts and the words you speak to yourself; thoughts and words are very powerful. The thoughts and words we speak and think to ourselves often create our life experiences. Here are some examples of things you can say instead of investing in or stating a negative thought or statement:

  1. “I do not have enough capital to start my own business.” vs. “Many doors and opportunities are opening up for me to gather capital to start my own business, and many ideas are coming to me from various sources.”

  2. “Nobody likes me.” vs. “Everyone I encounter likes and appreciates me.”

  3. “I can’t do this.” vs. “ I am going to take action now because I know that I can do this!” Even when what you speak seems to contradict your current reality, continue to speak positive statements, and think positive thoughts; after a while your subconscious mind will start to agree with you, and you will start seeing things change for the better in your life.


You are the greatest determinant of where you go in life, where you stay in life, and what you create for your life. Simply verbalize what you hope to accomplish throughout the day, and team your words with prolific action. Always maintain a positive mental attitude, even when it feels uncomfortable and difficult to do so.

Life is full of ups and downs, but why not enjoy life as much as possible by maintaining a positive mental attitude? Too many people waste so much of their energy bickering and complaining about negative circumstances. Be different; spend your energy being positive and helping others do the same; I promise you it feels a whole better and even produces a more energetic demeanor within you. Take time out of your day to encourage others; doing this will not only lift other peoples’ spirits, but doing this will also lift your spirits and give you enough positive energy to take on whatever endeavors you choose. Remember that maintaining a positive mental attitude will help you to accomplish your dreams and reach your goals faster.

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