Make the Best of This Moment

31 Days of Encouragement for the Soul: Lift Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

This present moment is all we really have.

I speak encouragement to your heart, mind, and soul right now.

In my opinion, there are times in life we are waiting for a “Lotto Experience” to happen. We are waiting for that magic moment to happen before we choose to be happy or to start enjoying life as it is.

I want to encourage you to start living and enjoying your life right now.

To really enjoy living looks different for each of us:

1. Taking some of your sick days off

2. Going to the dentist

3. Getting an ice cream cone (enjoying some ice cream on a bench seat in a park could be the pure peace and enjoyment that one needs).

4. Going on that life-long dream trip to Paris.

Realize that life doesn’t wait for anyone and the clock is ticking speedily for each of us.

At times, we may feel depressed because we are waiting for life to tell us: to smile, to laugh, to dance, to travel, to have fun, to rest, to go to the Dentist, to go to the Doctor, to take a day off, to spend time at your child’s school, to exercise, to eat nutritiously, to enjoy our partner, to enjoy our kids, and to enjoy our pets.

Stop it!!! Start enjoying your life right now!!!!

Remember, you are in the Winner’s Circle.
Guest Post By: Pleshette Harris from - 31 Days of Encouragement

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