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Book: Make Your Money Recession Proof

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When you have more than enough money, one thing is for sure: money is most likely not a stressor for you.

When you can pay your bills on time and buy groceries without any hassle, then that is one less stressor for you.

When you can give to others without it negatively affecting you and your financial disposition, then you are in a good financial spot.

Financial stress is a unique type of stress, and it can take an enormous toll on the human body and mind.

To ensure you are not contributing negatively to your mental health, get your finances in order.

Recessions aren’t fun, and they do take a toll on the world around us, but we don’t have to in a bad position when recessions take place. We can have our finances together and be more than prepared to not only help ourselves and loved ones but other people that need help themselves.

Protect your mental health by taking care of your finances. Taking care of your finances is another form of self-care. Because when you care about yourself and have high self-worth, you will always ensure you have the means to do what you need to do independent of what someone else can do for you.

Be independent and be different than the norm, which is financially illiterate. I encourage you to keep the financial conversation going by furthering your financial education.

:: Some of my favorite financial gurus

- Dave Ramsey

- Suze Orman

- David Bach

- Robert T. Kiyosaki

Who are your favorite financial authors and teachers? Do you have any? If not, then go find some. Most people do not educate themselves on the subject of finance, and you can see how this is playing out in America. Most people are in debt, financially illiterate, and living paycheck to paycheck; this is no way to live. It is time to elevate your life and taking a step in a different, more productive direction. Are you ready?

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