Middle Child

A Poem

Destiny S. Harris

A Poem

Left out is what I’m used to

You blame me for being better than you

Nah, that’s what you always had the claim to

Tell me the intro of the news

But fail to tell me what’s really happening with you

A facade is what I feel when we talk

I have to hold back to avoid being the talk

I say the truth that no one listens to

Everyone in denial is what I’ve adjusted to

Everyone whispering amongst themselves

Keeping me in the dark forgotten about high up on a shelf

— — —

No one ever cared

Took my life in my own hands

Betrayed, but still have love as numerous as the sand

— — —

Are you jealous

I can never tell

I hide myself to avoid always having to sell

Who looks best

It’s always show and tell

Destiny S. Harris