Monday — The worst day of the week or a gift?

Reflections: Maybe Mondays aren’t so bad…

Maybe Mondays aren’t so bad…

Monday — The worst day of the week or a gift?



I used to dislike Mondays so much, and sometimes I still don’t. BUT, Mondays are here to provide us with fresh starts and also provide us with reality checks.

— —

  • What do you plan to accomplish for the week?

  • What did you accomplish last week?

  • What would make you more excited about this week?

  • What is not working in your life?

  • What is working in your life?

  • How are you feeling today?

  • What might be decreasing your excitement about this week? Can you get rid of it?

  • What have you still not done on your bucket list that can be completed this week?

— —

Ending Thoughts: My Mondays used to be so busy, but now they are one of the least busy days, which has offered me a new perspective on Mondays.

Mondays still involve work for me, but they are also self-care days, relaxing days, me-days, quiet days, peaceful days, and easy days.

  • Mondays don’t have to be hard. 

  • Mondays don’t have to be depressing. 

  • Mondays can be good days for us.

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