My Favorite Poems: From 2019

From 2019

Destiny S. Harris

My Favorite Poems: From 2019

From 2019

My Favorite Poems

Destiny S. Harris

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From 2019

My Favorite Poems


Destiny S. Harris

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Another Day


Beauty In the Seeds

Black Butterfly

But I’m Happy Now


Hello Anxiety








Starry Winter


The Beauty

The Storm


Visiting Again


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Another Day

Today marks another day that I’m depressed

Another day that’s filled with stressed

Too tired to wake up, too tired to get dressed

I’m grateful for everything, but somehow I’m still upset

Each day is the same, yet my mind is a mess

I don’t think I get it, this can’t be it

Another day

Another day

Each day is the same, and my mind stays distressed


If you never ask.

You will never know.

What could have been.

What would have been.

If you never ask.

Dreams on hold.

Desires will grow old.

Beauty In the Seeds

The road may seem dry

The seeds may seem like they only die

But a tree grows beneath the earth

Seeds gather beneath the earth

Something beautiful grows beneath the earth

Out of sight

Out of mind

Something grows that is so divine

Unscathed by the turmoil above the soil

The dreams, the seeds, the tree, grow steadily

Soon you’ll see, from underneath, the beauty

Because there is beauty in the seeds

Black Butterfly

I carry the weight of a thousand pounds

My rage is louder than a thousand sounds

My beautiful lips stay silent by day

My strength is a storm hidden away

My spirit is broken

But my soul is alive

There is beauty in my blackness

I am a Black Butterfly

But I’m Happy Now

I would of ate this song up once upon a time

I would of listened to this song on repeat once upon a time

I would of wrote to this song once upon a time

I would of thought of you when I heard this song once upon a time

I would of cried listening to this song once upon a time

I would of added this song to my playlist once upon a time

I would have fell asleep to this song once upon a time

I would have asked you to listen to this song once upon a time


How tied up one becomes

In the intricacies that life brings someone

Goals pile and pile

We continue to work tile after tile

The carousel never ends

It only stops and re begins

If one stops to breathe

They’ll just remember it’s time to plant another seed

Hello Anxiety

My heart pounds

My lungs collapse

My breathing stops

My mind is kidnapped

My soul evaporates

My life breaks

Anxiety overtakes


I remember the nights I couldn’t sleep

And all the sounds would come through the door

I remember how uncomfortable it was to walk

With all the sad pieces scurried on the floors

I remember the mess up under the seat

And how I tiptoed with my slender feet

I remember the long pieces of hair

Oh how I would get so unnerved

I remember the clutter that never stopped coming

I remember the anger that never saw anything

I remember the freedom that came when I left

But it was too late

All the pieces were broken and unkept

Too many feelings and memories came to the surface

The monsters within couldn’t be harnessed

It took time to kill all of them

But now that they’re gone

I can see again


We are all human

Our bodies, works of art

Our minds, all beautiful omens

Normal does not exist

Only different, special, unique

Every single one of us has our own beautiful twist

There is no standard

There is no “perfect”

There is only love

We are all sacred


Don’t look for perfection.

Don’t look for symmetry.

Don’t look for rhythm.

Don’t look for sense.

Don’t look for flow.

Look for your imperfection.

Look for your meaning.

Look for your soul.

Look for beauty.

Look for growth.


I’m too afraid

To let you see

All the parts

Inside of me


Sometimes I feel no passion

Sometimes I feel my world crashing

Sometimes I feel all my time is simply passing

Sometimes I miss the rain

Sometimes I feel like I’m going insane

Sometimes in all the madness

I remember to feel the gladness

But then the feelings come back

And right back, stuck, with the rest of the pack


I am insane

Like a storm without rain

My massive brain

Is addicted to pain

Each goal

Has its own soul

With everything at stake

I don’t break

I am immovable

My strength is impenetrable

My heart is sharp

My gaze strikes like a dart

I am a force

I never stray from my course


My earth shatters

Beneath my chest

My soul cries out

It’s bleeding to death

Starry Winter

My feet grow cold

January snow

My tea pot sings

My imagination has wings

A warm cup of ginger

Is all I remember

An incense blows

While my mind grows

I wrap my legs

Around the pegs

The chair is my friend

I sit and enjoy the wind

A shower at night

To get it right

Turn off the light

And rest for the night


I am a river

I am a storm

I am filled

But never warm

I am an ocean

I am a hurricane

I am empty

But I am sane

I am a fire

I am a bomb

I am explosive

But I am calm

The Beauty

As I take a step back

I can hear the sounds

I can feel the laughs

The whistling of the trees

The sound of the ocean breeze

It’s all a reminder of everything

The beauty

The Storm

God is gracious

God is kind

God is with me

All the time

Before I wake

And when I dream

God is there

Watching me


My hands are claws

My consciousness gnaws

I stack and stack

I break my back

I explore no more

I’ve become a bore

Life loses interest

Which day will go by quickest

I lost my stride

My mind just glides

Which way was I on

I stopped caring at dawn

Visiting Again

Sometimes I’m concerned

That I’ll never learn

Then it’ll be my turn

For my discontent

Is relentless

It never fades

It goes on and on for days

When my mood is taciturn

I turn inward

Forgetting all the purpose around me

I settle in the darkness that grows inside of me

The cycle never ends

The feelings never leave me



I am the fire

I am the earth

I am the ocean

I am the curse

I bare your children

I bleed in pain

I am objectified

I am treated inhumane

My intelligence is invisible

But my strength is unmatchable

I find no peace

In this institution

I am a slave

But with conviction

I grow mad

Day by day

But it’s risky

To not be okay

My spirit is broken

But my soul is alive

My heart is nonexistent

But my fire will never die

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