My Million. My Dream Home.

An Inspirational Story

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A woman was scrolling through homes one day and stumbled upon her dream home, which she had been searching for quite a while. She was so excited she showed the house to her husband.

At the time, her husband had poor credit and seemed to be in a dead-end-job. But, the woman was ecstatic about the house she found, and so was her husband. But her husband did question whether they should move into the house anytime soon (within the next couple of years) since it was over a million dollars. Due to certain credit restrictions, a mortgage loan would work best in the wife’s name only since she had the best credit. However, the woman challenged this idea and said well, if we pay cash or a significant down payment, we won’t even have to be concerned about credit.

The husband said with a sarcastic tone, “Do you have a million dollars?” Her husband continued, “So you plan to pay a million dollars in cash for this home in three years?” The husband continued, “We can look for a cheaper home. Our next home doesn’t have to be a million-dollar home. We can start small just like everyone else.

At the time, the woman did not have a million dollars, and she wasn’t necessarily trying to pay for the whole house in cash either, but she was open to the idea. She also knew that her goal was to earn at least one million dollars every year, starting a little over a year from that conversation, though she did not share this information with her husband. But after her husband said those remarks to her, she knew that her goal would become a reality. A fire lit within her soul even deeper. She knew without a doubt in her mind that whether her husband maintained this limited thinking or not, this house would be hers, and she would be able to afford the home much sooner than later and on her own time.

Before this conversation, within only a couple of years, the woman’s income went from a fluctuating $6,000–24,000/year to close to a quarter of a million dollars. She knew — without a doubt in her mind — she was on track to be a millionaire if she kept going in the right direction, and no one, not even her husband’s limited thinking, would stop her from earning a million a year and getting her dream home.

What or who is trying to stop you from achieving your goals? Maybe you’re lucky, and there is no one trying to stop you from your dreams, except yourself — that’s who it usually is most of the time.

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