Not Everyone Will Be FOR You

Crab Mentality

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Not everyone is going to be your number one fan. Not everyone is going to have the same faith in your dreams as you do. Not everyone is going to speak positively over your dreams. Not everyone is going to believe that your dreams can become a reality in the time you say it will. Not everyone will ramp you up and be motivating. Not everyone will say the right words (and many words will be said that seem to be defeating). Some of these people will even be your family, which can hit the hardest. But this is okay. You don’t need numerous people, your family, or outside influences to keep you motivated, to believe in you, and to help you work on your ambitions.

Because of this truth, it proves as a solid reason why you should keep most of your goals to yourself.

People are inherently good, but many are also governed by human nature (jealousy, impoverished habits and thought-patterns, limited-thinking, and a crab mentality).

Keep your goals to yourself, and only share your goals with those who have the same or higher levels of thinking as you. People who you can share your goals with are other productive individuals who are going after their dreams and believe in no such thing as competition because there is more than enough for everyone.

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