Our Emotional States Are Our Responsibility



Depression is real; nonetheless, if any of us are ever experiencing depressive feelings, it is our responsibility to deal with it so we can move forward.

The emotional states, feelings, and thoughts we choose to further invest our energy into are our choices.

It’s okay to feel depressed at times, but to be depressed and to act on that depression is something entirely different.

Each day you have a choice to make:

You can either choose to experience a day filled with pessimism, hopelessness, victimization, powerlessness, and depressing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


You can choose to experience a day filled with hope, gratitude, contentment, love, kindness, and giving.

The choice is yours. The choice is always yours; it will not always be a natural decision to make, and sometimes you may give in, but know you are in control of your emotional well-being.

There are many reasons depressing feelings can come about. To ensure these feelings do not stay, you must deal with your issues directly; this is your responsibility to yourself, your loved ones, and people you may interact with directly or indirectly. Negative feelings are infectious. Dealing with our person shit not only benefits us but the circles of people that surround and fill our life.

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Affirmation: I choose to be the most positive version of my past self today.

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