Pay For Cleaning Or Do It Yourself?

The truth is, I started to pay for house cleaning because I was tired of scrubbing my damn shower.

The truth is, I started to pay for house cleaning because I was tired of scrubbing my damn shower.

Not to gloat, but I am confident in my cleaning skills. I have always been a cleaner, and I have always put my best effort into my cleaning jobs — even if it was for other places outside of my own home. I’ve been cleaning since I was a kid, though. Hence, I have become exhausted from cleaning. So I figured I would pay for house cleaning and get it done by someone else to take that load off of my shoulders.

Many of the cleaning jobs I paid for were “pretty good,” but they never measured up to the job I could do to my own home. I still paid for it, though, because I was too tired of doing it myself. However, I often found myself checking after the house cleaners work and often mentioned spots they missed. They happily re-cleaned anything they missed. But I often found myself wondering, why should I even have to mention anything to a “professional” cleaner??? It was frustrating. Of course, I could continue looking for a better cleaning service, but that is more work too.

I came to an impasse:

Should I clean my house for now or pay to get it cleaned?

I still struggle with answering this question today. Lately, I have been in the mood to clean my own house — especially since I have been easily integrating clean-as-you-go techniques, which prevents me from having to do longer deep cleans throughout the entire house. Instead, the house is kept up daily (for the most part).

This past weekend, I “dry cleaned” my glass shower in under 20 minutes; it came out better than when the cleaners came out.

For now, I’m putting in the towel for paying for house cleaning.

Now the question I have for you:

Is paying for house cleaning worth it to you?

For some, they may have zero time to clean their own homes, and if they make the time for it, it profoundly impacts their sanity, stress-levels, and relaxation time. If you can afford it and are happy with the service your selected cleaning service provides, then, by all means, pay to have your house cleaned. However, if you do have time on your hands, happen to be an excellent cleaner, and can find enjoyment and pleasure in cleaning, then do it yourself.

Save that money for something else.

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