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For those who have experienced a recession, you have a better understanding of what jobs are usually the first to go in a recession. Typically, the jobs that go first are deemed non-essential. However, some jobs surprisingly disappear because companies are not financially prepared for a downturn.

Often, service, hourly, and some blue-collar jobs might experience the most significant blow during a recession. However, there are many cases where white-collar workers lose their jobs as well. The way jobs are affected during a recession depends on various factors such as company financials, industry, and how recession-proof or essential the job is.

Before you take a job, question, if the job is right for now or suitable for the long-term, asking this question will help you avoid unnecessary hardship or surprise layoffs in the case of a recession.

Note: Independent of recessions, many jobs are disappearing due to new technologies, which is something to keep in mind.

:: Example of Recession-Proof Jobs

- Medical

- Law enforcement

- Education

- Technology (some, not all)

Whether there is a recession or not, invest your time and resources into recession-proof streams of income that withstand any financial crisis.

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