Recognize Your Beauty

Recognize Your Beauty

Photo by Markus Spiske

How many of us can say without a doubt, without shame, without reluctance, and an ounce of falsity, that we recognize our beauty?

I know some of us can, some of us have not reached this point yet, and some of us might never—if we don’t make an effort.

Another note to voice is how so many of us recognize the beauty of everyone else except ourselves for a majority of our lifetimes. Now, how f***ed up is this?

We must recognize our beauty, know the strength in our voices, recognize the inspiration that derives from our history and pain, and recognize how significant we always have been and always will be. We aren’t supposed to go through life without supporting and loving ourselves, now are we? No. We need to make a conscious effort to celebrate the unique intricacies of ourselves.

Recognize YOUR Beauty. You are astonishing, inspiring, remarkable, strong, powerful, empowering, unique, breath-taking, one-of-a-kind, beyond extraordinary, lovable, and worth everything this life has to offer. Seize this day and the rest of your days, all while recognizing your beauty. When you acknowledge your beauty, you can then appreciate and understand the genuine beauty of others. It shouldn’t happen in reverse—remember this.

How dare you go through life, never recognizing your own beauty.

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Affirmation: I can only change me!
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