It’s time to take an inventory of all of your current relationships.

Excerpt from: The 10 Thing Detox

The 10 Thing Detox | Releasing: 3/14

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The people we choose to keep in our lives affect us in many ways, and we need to ensure that the people in our lives are in our lives intentionally — not by default.

Take an inventory of your relationships:

1. Which relationships are toxic?

2. Which relationships do not bring joy to your life?

3. Which relationships feel forced?

4. Which relationships are not making valuable use of your time?

5. Which relationships are you not putting genuine energy into anymore?

If you have any of these relationship types, it’s time for you to make an intentional decision about whether to continue the relationship or eradicate it from your life.

When you start to let go of things, habits, and people that are not adding value to your life the following will take place:

1. You will be happier

2. You will be more content

3. You will experience more clarity in your thinking

4. You will feel lighter

5. You will be able to give more of yourself to others in positive ways

6. You will love yourself more

Let go of the people who you no longer can serve and add value to.

Detox Tip:Letting unproductive relationships linger in your life take a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. What relationships can you let go of today that you know by doing so will reap positive changes in your life immediately?

Excerpt from: The 10 Thing Detox

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