Removing Yourself from the “I Can’t Afford to Make Money” Category

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There are countless ways to make money, and many of those ways require resources to do so like investing resources, time, money, and energy in a business, a move to another state (where more opportunities exist), mutual funds, stocks, real estate, or an outfit for an interview. All opportunities require some form of investment — and the investment is not always monetary. 

For those who can’t afford to take time off work to interview for a better job

For those who can’t afford to invest to make themselves more money

For those who can’t afford a new outfit for an interview

For those who can’t afford to move to a place with more opportunities

For those who can’t afford to improve their lives

I am here to tell you that if you don’t find a way to afford what you can’t afford, you will always be stuck exactly where you are — in your own mental and physical prison.

Opportunities, success, money, and good fortune all come at some cost. You have to give something in return for it — time, energy, and resources.

To get out of your current situation, you will have to push through your threshold of limitations by way of your own creativity, imagination, and sheer will power.

You can’t afford to stay in the “I can’t afford to make money” category if you want to flourish during your time on this planet. 

Your opportunities will only be as high as your level of thinking.

Call to Action: What can you do today to help you transition out of the “I can’t afford to make money” or really the “I can’t afford to improve my life” category?

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