Rest Your Eyes

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Destiny S. Harris

Screen time has turned into an all-day affair. Most of us are looking at our phones, tablets, computers, tv screens, car screens, etc. for most of our days.

The digital age has brought various benefits for culture, society, and innovation, yet it has taken a heavy toll on our eyes (not to mention other things).

Take breaks here and there for your eyes, your mind, and your spirit. Get away from the screens—even if it is only for a moment.

Practice mindfulness when you are away from the screens and find gratitude in these peaceful moments away from the technology.

These mindful moments will help us be more aware and physically responsible as we utilize technology.

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The 10 Thing Detox

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About the Book….

The 10 Thing Detox can be integrated into your lifestyle at any point. If you feel your life is out of balance in any area or feel your life is balanced in every area, these 10 things can be used to guide you back to a life of balance and/or maintain and improve your balanced lifestyle.

Characteristic traits of numerous detoxes are that they often focus on dieting, but the 10 Thing Detox offers a holistic approach to ensure you experience a complete detox process.

The 10 Thing Detox:
1. Technology

2. Negativity

3. Relationships

4. Spending

5. Sugar

6. Meditation

7. Boundaries

8. Water

9. Vegetables

10. Sweating