Rights for African-American Women

Black History Month

Black History Month

Feminism focuses on the social, political, economic, and educational equality of everyone.

Initially, non-colored women lead the feminist movement; consequently, these women reaped more productive results compared to other marginalized female groups within feminist movements. Hence, this lead to the creation of several female lead minority groups, such as Black women, to form their own movement starting from the 1960s.

Black women received not only racial contention from society, but also racial contention within feminist movements (which are supposed to unite many women together collectively); this racism against Black women within the feminist movements stifled the progress of Black women.

Many non-colored women apart of the feminist movement did not want to integrate and publicize any issues that would perceivably “hinder” the achievement of their main goals (e.g., equal pay, childcare, and equitable work opportunities).​

Taking Action

Everyone has their own unique issues, and the women that would best know how to promote the Black Feminist cause were the same women who were dealing with the problems of being a Black female day in and day out.

Enlightened African-American women felt left out of the Feminist Movement. Yes, the Feminist Movement tackled issues such as pay inequality and the right to vote, but racial and social equality were not matters highlighted. Black women could not enjoy many of the successes of the feminist movement because they were not only women but women of color; Consequently, Black women were farther behind non-colored women in trying to achieve equality.

Some of the critical issues Black women face (even today) include: the intersectionality of racism, lower social/class status compared to non-colored women, sexual oppression, and pay inequality not only with men but women who are not Black.

The intersectionality of class, race, gender, sexism, and political status has often been ignored. However, having a productive awareness of the intersection is how change will come about.

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