Shake Up Your Routine

Life gets boring by choice, not by default.

Life gets boring by choice, not by default.

Life doesn’t always have to be the same. We don’t have to do the things we’ve always done the same; it’s okay to not have a routine all the time. It’s okay to have fun on a weekday. It’s okay to enjoy not only the weekend but also the weekdays.

What is fun for you? Do you have any hobbies aside from the most popular ones (watching tv, drinking, and going out with friends/family)? What are they? Have you engaged in any of these hobbies recently? If not, why not? And if you don’t have any hobbies, why not? Everyone is compelling, and everyone has parts of themselves that are worth investing in. It’s good to have multiple hobbies; it keeps things interesting.

A life of variety can be a cure for depression, apathy, and boredom.

If you haven’t shaken up your routine in a while, start today. Do something different. Wear something different. Eat something different. Moreover, laugh more today by watching, doing, or reading something funny.

Life isn’t meant to be a bore or a chore; life is meant to be explored.