Shedding the People Who No Longer Serve Us In Positive Ways

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Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

It is productive to take periodic inventories of your relationships to understand better how you might be allowing others to affect your life positively or negatively.

Sometimes, we are unaware of how our relationships (including friendships, professional, romantic, familial, acquaintances, etc.) have become toxic and draining from our emotional and mental selves. In other cases, some relationships have become financially, physically, and spiritually draining. In any case, we need to shed the people who no longer serve us in positive ways so we can ensure we do not actively keep impediments in our lives that we have the power to remove.

It is interesting how negative relationships can even divagate us from our goals and purposes.

If you have not analyzed the current relationships in your life recently, stop and take a moment to do this today, and also on a consistent periodic basis; I recommend doing this consistently, because people change, we change, and life changes. To live our most elevated lives, we need to be able to change dynamically as circumstances change, we change, and people change.

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