Spending — More Is A Never Ending Cycle

Personal Finance

Personal Finance

There will always be something else to buy and obtain. Why do you think they came up with the new phone plans where you get a new phone every 6–12 months (which btw I am on)? New ideas and products never cease to come about. Technology never stops developing. There will always be newer versions of practically everything — always.

Spending money can often feel good. You get something like a temporary “high” probably because “feel good” endorphins are released; remember this feeling is often only temporary though. Many things that people purchase tend to be classified as one of the following: pointless, not worth it, or soon-to-be-outdated. I am not saying that there is not a point to many of the things that we buy, but if we really paused to think more carefully about the things we consume our money on, we will often realize that the purchases aren’t really that important nor do they have long-term value.

So why do we continue to consume things that we don’t really need?

For one, it’s fun.

Second, many of the things we buy add convenience to our life.

Third, some things we simply desire, and there is nothing wrong with having these desires.

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