Stress-Relieving Affirmations

Relax. Breathe. Be Present.

Speak These Affirmations With Heart:

  1. I let go of unnecessary responsibilities and obligations that add stress to my life.

  2. I limit my time around chaotic people.

  3. I repel unhealthy relationships.

  4. I am the driver of my life.

  5. The decisions I make are healthy and beneficial to my present and future.

  6. I am the one determinant of my emotional state.

  7. I condition my mind and body to maintain a positive emotional state.

  8. I am inner-directed; external circumstances do not lead my life.

  9. I sidestep negativity, chaos, and unproductive habits & thinking.

  10. I enjoy every moment and bring myself back to the present when I forget to enjoy life.

I have a choice to make. Which choice will it be #1 or #2 ?

#1 I can be happy, free of unnecessary stress, and enjoy life.

#2 I can live a life of depression, superfluous stress, and lack of fulfillment.

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