Stressed Out?

Let’s say some affirmations together

Let’s say some affirmations together

  1. I put my health first

  2. I value my sanity

  3. I never commit to more than I can handle

  4. I am taking a break from everything

  5. I am getting away from everything when I need to

  6. I take regular vacations

  7. I take consistent “me” time

  8. I maintain a low tolerance for unhealthy stress

  9. I take a step back to find inner peace

  10. I get away from my regular routine to gain perspective

  11. I rarely get stressed out

  12. I maintain inner peace

  13. I maintain a healthy perspective on life

  14. I maintain a optimistic perspective on life

  15. I maintain a positive perspective on life

  16. I approach everything with gratitude

  17. Today I choose to be grateful