Stripping Away Your Confidence

…Little by little

…Little by little

Events, people, jobs, places, relationships, and our pasts can either make us or break us; you are the determinant, though.

It doesn’t happen to everyone, but the day you wake up to realize that your confidence is gone is the day you need to learn where it went.

Sometimes the environments and the relationships we put ourselves in aren’t always the best for us. Not everything is good for us, and not everything can provide the right factors we need to foster our self-growth. Some relationships (this can be with people, places, jobs, and things) stifle our growth, strip our confidence, and make us feel small. Some of us figure it out early enough to make a change, so it doesn’t negatively impact us. Still, sometimes we don’t even realize it until we let go of that relationship or wake up one day to understand how this relationship is adding misery and unhappiness to our lives and emotional — and mental — states.

Are you thriving in your “relationships” (remember this includes: work, people, places, and things) today? Do you feel like you are growing? Do you feel inspired? Do you feel respected? Do you feel valued? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel like you belong? Do you feel confident? Do you feel secure? Do you feel positive? Do you feel like you are better than you were before you got into this relationship?

Never let anyone or anything strip away your confidence. Take charge of your life today to take inventory of what needs to exit your life so you can live your best life going forward most confidently.

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