Take A Moment & Reflect

8 Points

As we head further into the holiday season—in addition to the close of 2020, I think it’s a serendipitous time to pause and reflect on what we desire for ours lives and how we will continue to find meaning in the short amount of time we are given on earth.

This is your reminder to conduct a check-in with your life:

  • Are you currently finding meaning in your days and your life?

  • Have you found genuine joy in your life?

  • Are you on track with your life goals?

  • Are you content and cheerful about your relationships?

  • Are you waking up and doing what you want to do each day?

  • Who are you today?

  • Who do you want to be tomorrow and in the near future?

  • What do you hope to accomplish, feel, experience, and give during your lifetime here on earth?




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