The 13 Most Common Excuses: Limited Thinking

Don’t Allow Any Of These Excuses To Hold You Back

I Can’t Afford This

Excuse #1: I Can’t Afford This

Stop thinking in terms of lack. Focus on abundance. Think in terms of prosperity! If you believe and speak that you can’t afford something, this is what your experience shall be.

Say every day, “I can afford whatever I desire!”

I Can’t Do This

Excuse #2: I Can’t Do This.

Whether you think you can or can’t do something will be true for you. So think CAN! Think possibility! You can do all things if you believe in yourself. So, believe in yourself every single day. Shake off all disbelief from within yourself.

I’m Not Smart Enough

Excuse #3: I’m Not Smart Enough

You are smart enough. You are intelligent. In fact, your intelligence is infinite. Did you know that most human beings use less than 10% of their brainpower? You have so much potential.; you only need to tap into it and educate yourself vigorously.

I Don’t Have The Right Background

Excuse #4: I Don’t Have The Right Background

It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect background or whatever illusion of a background you feel you require. All you require is the use of your mind to get you where you need to be. Create the right circumstances for your goals.

They Told Me, “No”

Excuse #5: They Told Me, “No”

Who cares about the naysayers. Move on. Move forward. Move on to your next, “Yes!” You will never get your “yes” if you stay focused on the “no.” Know that your “yes” is coming; it is on the way to you now, in abundance.

I’m Not Good Enough

Excuse #6: I’m Not Good Enough

Most people don’t believe in themselves. Most people don’t believe they are good enough, which is why most people settle for less in every aspect of life. I am here to tell you today that you are good enough; believe this to be true.

I Don’t Have Enough Time

Excuse #7: I Don’t Have Enough Time

Time is an illusion. We have as much time as we need if only we seize and take advantage of the time given to us each and every day. Look carefully at how you spend your time. Do you indeed not have enough time?

I Wish I Could Do That

Excuse #8: I Wish I Could Do That

Wishing is not a powerful thing to do at all. Be an active dreamer instead. Make your desires a reality by putting a plan in place and then taking action on this plan; this will allow you the opportunity to have or experience your desires.

I Can’t/Won’t Change

Excuse #9: I Can’t/Won’t Change

The most successful people evolve with the times and continuously evolve themselves. Change is good. Change is inevitable. We are who we are today because we assimilate and adopt others’ beliefs, opinions, ideas, and thoughts as we age, which is why we need to question everything and think for ourselves.

“Someone may be responsible for the way you are, but you are responsible for changing it.”

That Won’t Work For Me

Excuse #10: That Won’t Work For Me

It’s interesting how many of us often say something won’t work for us before trying it (and trying it for a while). Before you throw your hands up and give up, be open-minded, and give an idea or solution a solid chance.

If they can do it, I can do it.

This Is How It’s Always Been Done

Excuse #11: This Is How It’s Always Been Done

How it’s always been done doesn’t mean it still should be done this way. Are the results you have been getting optimal? Could you be receiving better results? Are you overworking for mediocre results? Maybe it’s time for a change.

I Don’t Want To Be Alone

Excuse #12: I Don’t Want To Be Alone

There will always be individuals who stay in bitter, unproductive, and meaningless relationships because they fear they will be alone if they leave; they fear they can’t do better than the person currently detracting value from their lives.

You are the average of the people you surround yourself with. And fear will always take you out before life does. Remember, you can have and be anything you set your heart on. If you want better relationships and don’t want to be alone, you will experience this. But you must do your part to attract enriching and healthy relationships into your life.

I Tried, And It Didn’t Work

Excuse #13: I Tried, And It Didn’t Work

If you try, and it doesn’t work the first time, try again. If you try, and it doesn’t work the second time, try again. If you try, and it doesn’t work the third time, try again. If you try, and it doesn’t work a fourth time, try again. If you try, and it doesn’t work a fifth time, try again. If you try, and it doesn’t work a sixth time, try again. If you try, and it doesn’t work the seventh time, try again.

If you want to really put a dent in things and give it your best shot, never stop trying. If you keep trying, whatever you strive for will have to manifest for you; it’s inevitable.

Destiny S. Harris is a writer, poet, entrepreneur, teacher, and techie who offers free books daily on amazon. Destiny obtained three degrees in political science, psychology, and women’s studies. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or @