The Age of Social Media

​Who is anyone? Who is the person behind the photo? Who is the person behind the eye-catching video? Who is the person behind the perfect…

Who is anyone? Who is the person behind the photo? Who is the person behind the eye-catching video? Who is the person behind the perfect lighting? Who is the person in front of the perfect panoramic background?

Today, if a person is not on social media, they are like a ghost. Some people are even uncomfortable with people who are not on social media; they label non-social-media-users as too private, eccentric, boring, not with the times, or unrealistic.

Social media has become an intoxicating platform to depict & display: anything.

Is there an issue with social media? Depends on how you utilize it and how you allow it to affect you. Unnecessary attachments, addictive habits, and the way you view yourself and others are all factors that could come into play when it comes to social media.

For some, they end up equating and establishing their self-value, social-value, and identity with the number of followers they have, the number of likes they get for posts, and the particular types of pictures they choose to post. This is proven by companies utilizing social media influencers, who have high follower counts, to promote their products and brands; it’s a smart revenue tactic, and it works. In the age of consumption, we love to consume something. That is what many people all work for anyways, right? To consume..


I wouldn’t say social media has ruined how people communicate with eachother. I would say, social media has evolved the way people interact with each other; many people keep up with each other through some form of text messaging, whether that is on their phone, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are still many people who enjoy hanging out with people in-person and enjoy talking on the phone instead of texting, but social media and its’ various creative forms of communicating have taken over how people interact; consequently, outside of the world becoming more dangerous as time has progressed, people have become lonelier and more closed-off than ever.


In real life, most people have a few deep and meaningful relationships, In our society today, the definition of “friendship” has often been de-ranked to equate to someone I’ve talked to on social media.

Now, some of these social media relationships turn out to be very real, but often many of them are not.

How many of the people you follow and are “friends” with on your social media profiles do you really know?

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