The Best Way to Tackle Systemic Racism

Education, Economic Empowerment, & Individual Thought

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We are constantly fed information that is biased, limited in thought, ignorant, and unproductive.

Three of the best ways to ensure you lead your own successful life that is not negatively infiltrated by outside thought and opinion is to:

1. Rigorously educate your mind.

2. Empower your economic position.

3. Think for yourself—individual thought.

Where do you obtain the majority of your information? Is it from news outlets, social media, and the like? Is it from credible educational resources such as books, academic articles, and other unbiased sources?

Why it is consequential that we obtain information from multiplecredible sources? We can make our own rational decisions in addition to conscious choice in what we choose to believe and ensure we have as much truth as possible. 

Instead, many of us are lead to believe whatever social media and skewed/biased news outlets tell us to believe.

Educate your mind, educate your thoughts, train your thinking habits, and educate yourself wholeheartedly--with zeal. One of the most powerful ways we can tackle systemic racism is to educate ourselves. 

During the slavery periods, the way many slave masters were able to control their slaves was through the slaves' ignorance and lack of education. 

When you don't know better, you don't do better.

We are now living in a world where we have access to an influx of information that can elevate our lives and economic statuses. Instead of getting caught up in a victim mentality, fight for equality and your rights through educating yourself and others.

Education: One of the most powerful tools to bring about change.

Money: One of the most powerful tools to bring about change when utilized with education.

Individual Thought: One of the most powerful habits that can keep a woman or man free.

+ HIT that HEART!

Affirmation: I can only change me!
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