The Importance of Culture — With Thoughts On Interviewing & New Positions

Good Culture changes the way employees view their jobs.

Good Culture changes the way employees view their jobs.

Good Culture transforms a job into a career.

Good Culture makes a person not dread working.

Good Culture makes a person feel wanted, appreciated, and valued.

But what truly is “Good Culture” ? It is not the same for everyone. Each person has their own needs, preferences, and personality traits that will cause them to lean more favorably towards one work environment over another.

How can a potentnial employee really know if they will enjoy working for a particular company? Some might say completing multiple 1-on-1 interviews, panel interviews, quizzes, tests, and more questions is helpful. But is this really going to help the employer and the potential employee learn about each other? It could, but it is probably best to spend some time working for a place before making the final decision. Most places do not offer this though, and most candidates aren’t interested in following through on a “work trial”.

How can any of us ever really know who all we will be working with, the personality of the people we will work with, and the environment we will work in from a simple interview?

Most of us won’t. Most of us won’t ever really know what a place is like until we work there for some time.

Before you accept a new position, know what you want, and have it written down. This is the first step into working at the right place.

Since most companies do not offer a “work trial period” aside from the informal 90 day period, ask about it or get to know more about who you will be working with by asking more thoughful questions. You can also learn more about a company by connecting with multiple people from the department you will work in, and by taking tours (if possible) and chatting it up with as many people as possible.

During your interview, notice the energy of those around and expressions that people carry in their voices and faces. Do people seem over stressed? Do people seem happy? How are people dressed? How do people walk? Is the environment casual or formal? Do you care? Is everyone in the office, or do people seem to be working remote?

Remember, when you are applying for a job, you are also interviewing the company to see if you fit in and will be happy. Even if you are rushing, don’t give all of your power and control to the interviewer. Remember that what you want is important too.