The Lightbulb Tale

Bob Proctor

Destiny S. Harris

“The following story should help underscore this great truth about your infinite source of supply. Visualize, if you will, a poor couple who have spent their entire lives living in the “backwaters” of civilization. Then imagine them suddenly transported to a small village where, to their astonishment, they discover that their new home is being lighted by “electricity.” Since they have had no previous experience with that force—in fact they have never even seen an electric light before, they are completely mesmerized by the little eight candlepower electric bulbs which light their home.

Several months pass by and eventually the couple start to regard the light-bulbs as an accepted facet of modern life. However, one day a smooth-talking salesman appears at their door, telling them their eight candlepower electric bulbs are no longer adequate for their needs. He tells them they should buy the new sixty candle-powered bulbs which have just “come on the market.” Since the couple has now become slightly more adventuresome, they agree to let the salesman demonstrate his “newfangled” product. As soon as the new bulb is plugged in and the electricity turned on, the couple becomes transfixed once again; for not only does the new bulb emit a light, it actually illuminates the entire room. Never in their wildest fantasies had the couple ever imagined that the source of the new flood of illumination had been there all the time. Nor had they realized this enormously increased light could originate from the same current which fed their little eight candlepower bulb.

Summary: It’s strange! We smile at the naiveté demonstrated by this poor couple, but the truth is, most of us are even less aware of our own power, than this couple was of the power of electric current. For like the couple in the story, we never even dream that the infinite current which surrounds us could flood our lives with a light more magnificent than the most powerful light bulb ever devised. We never grasp the simple truth that all we need to do to improve our results is to plug a larger, more prosperous idea into the infinite current of life. Instead, most of us strangle our supply with energy-impoverished [ideas and] thoughts of doubt and fear, which entirely cutoff the inflow of prosperity."

This reading comes from: Bob Proctor

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