The Power of A Morning Ritual

Change Your Life By Changing Your Day

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I still firmly believe that you don’t have to be a morning person to be productive. However, I do think you can tap into a higher level of productivity by starting your day earlier.

Morning rituals are what make us who we are; these rituals are what define where will be a year from now. How? How you start your day is an excellent indicator of how you will end your day, and this translates into months, years, decades, etc. Furthermore, the self-discipline you incorporate into your mornings will disseminate into other areas of your life.

What is the first thing you give the most time to each morning? I ask the question like this because, some people do check their social media, emails, text messages, etc. first thing in the morning, but they do so for a brief period — which is not negative at all. So back to the question, what do you spend most of your time doing each morning?

The next question I have is, what is usually the tone of your morning? Are your mornings usually rushed, relaxed & calming, organized, hectic, depressing, irritating, etc.? Do you often feel like you want the day to be over as soon as you wake?

Do you have time to think each morning? Or do you jump straight into your day — without ever taking a mindful minute or so to think about what are the most important goals for the day?

Morning rituals evolve and change over time — as expected — but here’s an idea of a great way to start your day:

:: Wake Up B4 Your Alarm Goes Off

This is an indicator that you are rested and have something to look forward to.

:: Drink A Glass/Bottle of Water

Your body becomes dehydrated after sleeping. Drinking water offers a splash of vitality to your morning and body — it’s quite refreshing.

:: Walk/Exercise

Who wants to workout in the morning, right? Well, the morning offers the perfect time to invest in your self-care and release some endorphins. These morning endorphins will help increase your productivity throughout the day, help burn more calories throughout the day and contribute to more positive energy and feelings throughout your day. It’s a win/win.

:: Stretch

Most people don’t stretch, and it shows. People are often stiff AF. Dedicate time to stretching each day to open up your mind and body. This also offers the perfect time to get in some deep breathing and meditation.

:: Read

This doesn’t mean read for a whole15 minutes or read an entire 20-page chapter. Getting in a quick daily read (e.g., 1–5 minutes) — that focuses on some form of self-improvement or life-enhancing wisdom — is invigorating and inspiring contributors to our days.

:: Passion-Time

Are you giving everything and everyone else time, but your goals and dreams no time? If so, you got to stop. You are the most crucial person in your life, which means what you desire matters. Each morning should include one small action that puts you closer towards accomplishing your dreams. You won’t regret this.

Now, after reading this proposed morning ritual, you might be like:

  • There is no way I have time to do this.

  • I’m way too tired to do all of this right when I wake up.

  • Etc.

But, as I started to incorporate a more strict ritual in my mornings, I began to notice positive changes take place in my life. My mood has improved, my productivity has improved, my interest in TV has waned, my attitude has become more positive, and I’m finishing my days earlier. Lastly, I go to sleep earlier and wake up without having to drag myself out of bed.

**You might wake up later in the day sometimes, or be on a different schedule regularly. Your ritual doesn’t have to be a morning ritual, it can be your Wake-Up Ritual. Do what works best for you.**

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