The Stimulus Check Promotes Financial Irresponsibility

On Another Note…

**Disclaimer: This article does not reflect everyone’s financial situation—especially those who genuinely need the stimulus check and are making active strides to improve their financial situation, elevate their level of financial education, and live within their means.

People and businesses are financially stressed right now due to a lack of financial preparation. The norm for most Americans is to have little to no savings in the bank, and this probably won’t change anytime soon. 

People are wired to spend, not save. One of the reasons for this is many people believe they will always have a job, get their next paycheck, and the economy will never break (hello COVID-19).

Surprisingly, the government — who is already severely in debt — has financially rescued millions of people that have given little to zero effort to better their own financial situations by spending & consuming less, saving more, and living within their means.

Everyone has a different situation, but there are many people who received a stimulus check that most likely have mismanaged those funds as well. I’m not saying people don’t deserve help, but I’m also not for rewarding financial ignorance, financial abuse, and financial misconduct. 

Most Americans are not financially educated (side note: it would be an invaluable addition to the American educational system to include curricula on personal finance). And I hope the lesson that was learned from this pandemic is that We all NEED to have EMERGENCY FUNDS.

If anyone out there is financially ignorant, today is the day to start educating yourself so you can not only elevate your financial status, but also other areas of your life. 

Taking care of your finances is another way to show that you care about you; it’s another form of self-love and self-respect.

If Americans are not properly handling the dollars they have now, what makes them qualified to handle $1200+? I’ve witnessed many people go out and continue to buy things they do not need during this time (e.g. TVs) proving the government might want to re-consider how they are distributing funds they don’t even have.

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