The Warrior & His Shattered Soul

Guest Post By: Manny K

Paranoia, loss, defeat - they consume me,

my deepest fears lay heavily on my chest.

Terrors that pollute my mind never cease,

I seek comfort, but I can never truly rest.

Shadows at night whisper a dreadful tale,

My past taunts me - I revisit that hell.

I am strong, but inside I am bleeding,

Desperate for hope - my heart is pleading.

I seek the sun - but there are only violent rains.

I seek grace - but there are only profound pains.

I seek myself - but only a shattered soul remains.

Then I decide to pick up the pieces to my soul.

I remember who I am.

I am a man. I am a champion. I am a warrior.

I will brandish my sword and bare my shield.

And this is why to my pain and darkness..

I will never yield.


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#poetry #failure #fear #motivation #philosophical