Things to Consider B4 Getting Dogs

Is Your House Carpeted?

Is your house carpeted?

Puppies and even grown adult dogs are bound to have an accident now and then. Having no carpet is the best option since the urine and fecal matter are easier to clean (entirely) — and find — on carpet-less flooring styles.

Are you be able to commit to walking your dog regularly or providing your dog with an area they can execute their exercise routine?

Even my mini 4-pound chihuahua needs exercise, or else he will get moody. If you aren’t able to commit to giving your dog regular exercise, do you have a safe space where they can run around (e.g., backyard)?

Just like humans, dogs need daily exercise to help maintain healthy temperaments, positive attitudes, healthy bodies, and respectable stamina.


Do you have it? If not, prepare yourself for a testy period if you’re getting a dog that is not trained or has a high-maintenance temperament.


Dogs are like children. They cost money when you invest in them properly.

  • Regular dog visits/annual physicals

  • Neuter/spay procedures

  • Vaccines

  • Treats

  • Food

  • Food & water bowls

  • Toys

  • Walking Tools: Leash, Collar, Dog Tag, Microchip, Dog trash bags, etc.

All of these things cost: money.


During my lifetime, I have had to give away three dogs. Two because they were destroying the house and one because the complex did not allow that breed. But other than this, I have never willingly given up a dog. They are usually stuck with you for life. Are you willing to invest in a dog for more than a decade? Commitment is necessary when it comes to having a dog.


Vacations and trips may cost more money due to having a dog. You will need to pay for boarding or have family or friends watch your dog while you are away. The bottom line is, you won’t be able to pick up and go as you did before without taking into consideration the well-being of your dog while you are away.

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