This Is How To Receive Feedback

Feedback is critical to anyone’s personal development

Sometimes people will say things about us or to us that put us on the defensive — mostly because there is truth (even an ounce) in the statement.

Sometimes, feedback is completely off and not a reflection of who you are but of the person giving the feedback.

But most times, there is something in the feedback that can help us grow and refine our strengths and weaknesses.

Feedback is another term for constructive criticism.

When someone gives you feedback, do:

1. Listen.
2. Accept.
3. Reflect.

When someone gives you feedback, don’t:

1. Become a victim in response to the criticism.
2. Deflect by criticizing the other person.
3. Reject the feedback you received.

  • Listen to feedback.

  • Receive feedback.

  • Be open to feedback.

  • Accept Feedback.

Feedback usually helps us grow.

Question: How do I usually intake feedback from others?

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