Time Doesn’t Stop — Ever…

Time doesn’t stop.

Time doesn’t stop.

And we don’t know when our time will stop.

That’s the thing about life; we don’t know when our time is up — ever. We can guess, we can plan, and we can speak our futures into existence. But ultimately, life also has a plan for how long we will be here.

Look around you.

Who is surrounding you?

Look at yourself in the mirror.

How would you describe your life lately?

Are you who you want to be at this point in your life?

Do you have dreams that you still haven’t got started on?

Are you satisfied with what you‘ll leave behind on this earth?

What have you been stressing about lately? Is it worth stressing about?

If you had to, how would you sum up your life today? Are you happy with you answer?

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Affirmation: I choose to be the most positive version of my past self today.