Time for Self

When is the last time you had some "me" time?

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I take time daily to spend with me, myself, and I.

My time for myself is pleasurable.

I never feel guilty about spending time alone.

I never feel out of place for spending time alone.

I invest in myself consistently.

I take time to pamper myself.

I take time to make myself feel good.

I am continually learning new things about myself.

I am on a life journey of self-discovery.

What makes me happy [answer this now]?

My life is a reflection of healthy choices.

I choose to love myself daily.

I forgive myself for any poor decisions I make.

I maintain a strong sense of self-awareness.

I take me time when I need it.

I do not ask for permission to take care of me.

I never wait for others to take care of me.

I am proactive in my self-care journey.

I happily enjoy the time I spend with myself.

I prioritize time for myself.

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