Today, I fell Into A River

Photo by Tim Peterson on Unsplash

And I lost my phone — for 15 or so minutes. In that time, I was fearlessly searching for my phone in a river surrounded by signs that said, “Watch Out for Snakes.” By the way, I could’ve sworn I saw an alligator staring at me dead in the eyes waiting for me, but my mind was most likely playing tricks on me.

The best part of this whole story — fully submerged in this river that had a surprisingly strong current and rocky bed — I found my phone. 

The funniest part — as I traveled through the river getting bruised along the way — my phone stayed put, right where I initially fell into the river, despite the current being strong. 

I did all of that searching for nothing. I put myself at risk for nothing. I wasted additional time and added unnecessary stress to the situation for nothing. My phone never left the area where I fell, but I never thought to look there. I thought, “The river’s currents easily took my phone to another area; there is just no way my phone could still be right where I saw it fall into the water.”

Moral of the Story: The treasures you seek, the things and people you look for in life, the answers you are dying to know, well they are often right in front of you. You just have to take the time to be mindful enough to realize it.

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{Note: The picture in this article was not the exact river I fell in.}