Too Many People to Be Angry At

People wrong you in life.

Destiny S. Harris

People wrong you in life.

People upset you.

People steal opportunities from you.

People break your heart.

People steal things from you.

Some people even go as far as trying to destroy you.

There are different seasons in each of our lives, and some of those seasons involve enemies. It’s okay to have people that aren’t for you though.

Important it is to remember to not be venegenful towards those who hurt you or the people you love.

That is too much work.

There are too many people that come into our lives that upset us at times (or could upset us).

The best revenge is to be successful, to be happy, to be healthy, and to be grateful.

Don’t let others steal you sanity, your peace, your life, your happiness, and your kindness.

Those who try to hurt us, are only hurting themselves.

Take responsibility in showing them nothing but kindness. Show them who you are at the core is good by speaking positively over them or towards them.

There are too many people to be angry at. So let go. Be happy. Be kind. Be gentle. Be better than them. Because you are.