Unfortunately Many of Our Troubles Come From....

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….A lack of education, exposure to various outlets of credible knowledge and information, and a lack of resources.


  • If you are struggling in your romantic relationship, you most likely need to go to therapy, surround yourself with people who have navigated similar predicaments as you, and read books and articles that will help educate you on relationships, in addition to educating you on your issues, family history, etc..

    If you possess a stigma for therapy and reading, then this shows you most likely are missing knowledge and grew up with ignorant philosophies you adopted from previous generations.

  • If you do not know how to handle money, are always in debt, living paycheck-to-paycheck, etc. you lack financial education.

  • If you have lived in a poor neighborhood all of your life, you are probably missing access to critical information, productive financial and economic programs, better housing opportunities, etc. due to a lack of education and resources.

  • If you deal with completely avoidable physical health issues, obesity, and mental health issues, most likely at some point, you didn’t have access to information, resources, and/or intervention (for your physical and mental health) that could of helped you avoid being in this predicament in the first place.

  • If you have loads of student debt, you probably were uninformed about educational and financial opportunities and other routes you could have taken to avoid being in the financial predicament you are in now.

Many of our troubles come from a lack of education and resources. If you want to do better in life, you must know better.

Consistently educate yourself, your peers, and your loved ones when the opportunity arises so you can do better, and the generations that come after you can do better. And never forget to share your knowledge. Sharing is both a caring and loving act.

Ignorance will NEVER be bliss.

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