What Are You Watching?

Are You A Superb Or Average Security Guard?

Photo by Michał Lis on Unsplash

What content do you intake from your TV? Is it adding value to your life, detracting value from your life, or neither?

It is perfectly acceptable to watch entertaining content, but there is ample content that only adds fear, suspicion, judgemental thought patterns, harmful thoughts, and unproductive images to our minds.

What are you watching? And how often are you merely intaking whatever is playing on your TV?

Be more mindful of what you are listening to and watching, and be on guard of your mind. Your mind is the most essential part of your being, and to live our most optimal lives, we need to be the sternest security guards of our minds.

The media and entertainment industries will do everything to access our minds because they know once access is granted, they have a higher success rate to get us to think and do things they want us to do.

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