What Really Matters

At a time like this — with coronavirus going around — you might ponder what you spend most of your time doing, or even what you spend most…

At a time like this — with coronavirus going around — you might ponder what you spend most of your time doing, or even what you spend most of your money doing.

Retail : Some spend their time hanging with friends and loved ones at malls and shoppes, spending copious amounts of time and money on clothes, shoes, electronics, food, and the like.

Clubs : Some enjoy making appearances at night clubs and events or going to these venues regularly to hang out.

Bars : It is no mystery that Americans love to drink and chill at bars.

Concerts : Music is an essential staple to American culture. Many can’t live without it — especially in-person experiences.

Travel : The travel bug. Many have it. Many don’t. But today, who isn’t posting on social media about their lavish, fun, unusual, and epic travel experiences ? Only a few who don’t care that others are apart of every experience.

I think the point I’m trying to make here is that, many of the things some of us consistently indulge in don’t really matter.

Is that new outfit going to impact your life significantly or that new Tv?

Is something very special going to happen at a club for you this weekend?

Is one more drink going to improve your life?

I’m not sure. But at a time like this, it really gives you pause to reflect on what matters most: life itself, your health, family, people you care about, saving and maximizing your resources, relaxing, and engaging in healthy activities and hobbies at home or in safe spaces.

So many things don’t matter, but at the same time so many things do.