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Could You Live Without Cosmetics?

Could You Live Without Cosmetics?

As women, many of us have been taught since we were little girls to aspire for perfection and beauty with our bodies, style of dress, and even our personalities. We have been taught to cater to the male audience in everything we do. We have been taught to diminish ourselves, or that our opinions do not hold an equivalent value of a man’s opinion. Of course times are evolving for the better, but women are still often seen as lesser than their male counterparts. Women are still often seen as pretty things to look at.

Wearing cosmetics all the time is an everyday experience for the lives of many women. But why?

There are many women who utilize cosmetics because they enjoy them and are not dependent on them, but how many of you feel you cannot leave your house without makeup, or if you do leave your house without makeup, you feel less attractive, less of a person, or naked? How many of you experience a dip in your self-esteem when you are not wearing makeup?

Today, I challenge those of you who wear cosmetics everyday to take a BREAK. I encourage each of you to take a break for a whole week, and explore your thoughts and feelings during this time. See if you can go longer than a week. See if you start to gain more confidence without wearing it.

The cosmetic industry is worth billions of dollars, and they are a billion dollar industry because of people who wear makeup everyday and can’t go without it.

Are cosmetics bad? Of course not. They are beautiful, and they can enhance our beauty and accentuate our natural faces and bodies, but do we need it? No. We are perfectly fine the way we are, and we don’t have to believe anything different than this. If you choose to wear makeup everyday, I challenge you to wear it: not because you can’t go without it, not because you have a low self-esteem, not because you only have confidence when you wear makeup, and not because you don’t feel attractive or good enough without makeup. I challenge you to wear cosmetics because you CAN go without wearing it, but choose not to because you enjoy it, just like you enjoy your natural face and body.

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