What's Best For You.......?

That person over there doesn't know.

We can sit and listen to many friends, family members, and mentors, but if we know ourselves well enough—only we know what is right for us.

Have you been sitting on a decision for a while? Have you been struggling in a particular area of your life for a while? Have you been stuck in an unproductive friendship or relationship? Have you felt trapped at a soul-sucking job? Have you been feeling out-of-place?

Whatever it is, there is most likely a decision that needs to be made, and only you can make that choice.

It’s nice to have support when we are making a decision, but there will be times where we have ZERO support for the choices we make, and we have to be okay with this.You know why? Because we are the ones who have to live with ourselves 24 hours a day. Since this is the case, we need to STAY in the driver’s seat of our lives. We can’t be passive about our decisions. We have to maintain the lead role of our presents and futures because when we don’t, there is always someone willing to make the decisions for us. Sometimes, the decisions end up working out for us, but there are many times where the decisions other people make for us aren’t right for us.

Never leave your life in the hands of someone else. And never feel like you can’t make a new decision. Even when making a new decision seems complicated, overwhelming, challenging, and daunting, you still have the power to implement a different path.

Do you need to take a new path today? If so, it’s time to take active steps so you can live your best and most elevated life. We only got one of these lives to live, so we might as well maximize it.

+ HIT that HEART!

Affirmation: I choose to be my most positive self today.
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