What’s Your Zero Balance?

How much would you like to establish as your zero balance — money you consider to be zero in your bank account? $500? $1,000? More?

A zero balance is what you consider to be the amount of money that is in your bank account that you do not touch; it can also be your emergency-fund.

Some people always want to have a certain amount of cash on them physically, or in their bank account. Establishing a monetary number that you want to maintain in your bank account cultivates a habit of financial discipline and makes it to where you never have less than a certain amount of money in your account.

The benefits of having a zero balance include the following:

  1. Avoid overdraft fees

  2. Maintain a certain level of savings in your bank account for emergencies

  3. Always be certain of the least amount of money you have in your account


If you have never thought of having a zero balance, then you can aim to start today. How much would you like to establish as your zero balance? $500? $1,000? More? Choose a number that works for you, and make it a goal to not touch this money; this money is your zero balance. This is the amount you consider to be $0 — even though it is more than that.

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