When I Die, I Don’t Care If You Fight Over My Money

Aging: Establishing the will, trust, and related documents

I was setting up my will/trust the other day and was collaborating with my mother since she is very involved with these types of documents. She encouraged me to get these documents in place because when people die with money left over, recipients of the fortune can turn into another person — not for better, but for worse. If there is no money left, there is nothing to fight over. But if there is a great deal of money left over, that is the moment people reveal their true selves.

For example, my mother and her five siblings received an inheritance; but two siblings split the inheritance instead of sharing the inheritance with their other four siblings.

Why do things like this happen? Because money often tempts people to prioritize their best interests.

But I don’t care if people fight over my money

I told my mother, I don’t care if people fight over the resources I leave behind. If my family members want to waste their time, energy, peace of mind, and life on money, have fun because when I’m out, I’m out.

Money is such a despicable and pointless thing to fight over — especially after death. And often, people lose their minds over money after death — even kill for it, as some of us have witnessed.

Death brings its own burdens and sorrows, so why add more sorrow to the table with fighting and bickering? It’s not worth it.

My Will

I decided to make my will plain as day for simplicity, and I’m not in a rush to accumulate the perfect death documents. I have no human children nor debts; it’s a pretty straightforward process once I die. If things change, I can update my will accordingly.

My mother also encouraged me to put my will in place to avoid having my assets stuck in probate. I concur and believe it prudent to eliminate that situation. There is nothing worse than having your assets stuck in the hands of the government when you’re not even around. If you leave assets behind, put them in the right hands.

Excerpts from my will

  • Remember, life is what you make it. You’re in control—no one else. Don’t let emotions rule your life. Don’t let people ruin your day. Don’t let the world tell you how far you can go. Your potential is infinite. I’ll always love you. See you in heaven.❤ If there is one thing I would want you to do going forward, it would be to study and practice stoicism daily. It will make a much easier life for you on earth. It helped me, so I know it will help you. — Destiny S. Harris

  • Don’t be an idiot and live above your financial means, and remember every material item that you spend money on is really just another worthless piece of crap. Be careful of what you accumulate.

  • If you all decide to fight over my earthly assets, have fun wasting your time. I’m out. Don’t make this complicated. Keep it simple.

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