Which Seeds Will Flourish?

The seeds that flourish are often unknown..unexpected.

The seeds that flourish are often unknown..unexpected.

You might have a plan to go in one direction, but life takes you another way.

Preparation for what you want is key to being ready for when your seeds (productive actions) grow above the ground.

When you put out leads, make cold calls, submit job applications, or complete any productive action, do not get caught up in the results. Instead, focus on continuing your efforts to bring about the outcomes you seek and desire.

When we have a definite goal — with all of the details lined up — often, the completion of the target does happen for us; however, usually, something better than what we planned happens when we consistently invest productive time into the goal.

We won’t always know which seeds (aka productive actions) will flourish, but what we can know is that with consistent effort, at least one seed has to take root. All we need to do is be ready for the opportunity for when it comes.

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