Why Do People Feel The Need To Show Off What They Have?

Question of the day…

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People all around the world make such a passionate effort to show off their:

  • Cars

  • Designer, name brand, or unique clothes

  • Shoes

  • Badass homes

  • Travel Adventures

  • Kids

  • Other expensive toys

  • Money

  • Job Titles

  • Careers

And just overall Lifestyles, but why? Why do people feel the need to display their lives on social media?

My question to those who do this:

Is showing off your life to the world, improving your life somehow? Is it supposed to improve my life? Is it supposed to make me envious of you? Am I supposed to strive for what you have? Am I supposed to desire your life?

As time goes by, I wonder when people will start living more and start posting less.

There is a deep shallowness that has overtaken society in a sense. Many people are just working to buy new and shiny things that don’t do anything beneficial for them.

Many people are displaying their best sides and not really capturing or sharing any genuine moments with the people that are watching.

Unfortunately, there will always be people who do not think for themselves and simply follow those in the spotlight. As people who have self-awareness, it is — in a sense — our indirect responsibility to display and convey there is more to life than materialistic things. Furthermore, there is more to life than displaying perfection, making butt loads of money, going to kool ass parties, wearing expensive clothes, driving the best cars, living in the best homes, and taking the best-angled pictures. When will the madness stop? When will the world stop caring about what everyone else is doing (e.g. reality tv, stalking others social media, reading all the latest buzz articles about people, etc.) and focus on what they are doing to improve not only their lives but the lives of others?

Why Do People Feel The Need To Show Off What They Have?

I think many people in the world are addicted to the attainment of pseudo validation from people they don’t know, don’t care about, have never met, and will never see.

I think people are hurting so much inside that this is their way of getting attention to distract them from their pain.

I think people are unaware of and have their priorities mixed up.

I think people are so insecure and don’t know where to start to become secure.

I think people are just living life, but not questioning what has become normal in our society.

Some people don’t even realize they are showing off, and they assume that their lifestyle is normal. #privilege

I think people are so focused on establishing their brand, and they forget how this can influence a multitude of others into trying to do exactly what they do without ever taking a moment to think for themselves.

Today’s world has become brand-centric. It seems that everyone is a brand or has the opportunity to become one. So how can we use this autonomy productively?

There are many reasons why people feel the need to show off what they have— not just one, but does any reason make consistently showing off okay?

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