Why I Stopped Publishing For 10 Years

There really isn’t a good answer for this. I started writing and publishing in elementary school (at the age of 11), and then I just…

There really isn’t a good answer for this. I started writing and publishing in elementary school (at the age of 11), and then I just stopped — publishing that is. A big part of it was fear. I was scared of publishing topics that did not really make sense for my age — in my eyes, and I was scared that I was not good enough to be a writer. I was also scared what people would think of me and my writing. I cared way too much about the wrong things. Now, I’m like who cares. None of us are perfect, but we all have gifts and talents that should be shared with the world that we should not hide.

Don’t let fear destroy your dreams — EVER. #Pinterest

I kept writing (music, poetry, and journal entries), but I stopped publishing (aka went OFF the grid) for ten years. I had several books planned out, and even had some books completely written, but I did not publish them. My focus was on other things, like my music business, along with other responsibilities and interests. However, a part of me wishes that I did not stop publishing. The better part of me is glad for it though. During those ten years, I had some of the most memorable experiences and life lessons that are now reflected throughout my writing today.

One thing I will never do again though, is let fear, a “busy” schedule, or lack of motivation — all EXCUSES — stop me from participating in something that I feel and know is a part of my purpose on this earth. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the ten years I took off from writing; it made me the writer I am today. — Destiny S. Harris

I wrote and published my first book, “Beauty Secrets for Girls” at age 11. I wrote and published my second book, “Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late”, at age of 13 (both of these books are #FREE by the way). As a kid, I loved writing so much that I remember copying an entire book about Mars on paper. I then laminated the re-written pages I had done of the entire book (what can I say, I have always been a BIG fan of the planet Mars) and neatly placed all the wonderfully re-written pages in a binder. I showed my mother at the end of the trip my wonderful achievement, and she looked at me like I had just wasted my life –just kidding — she was VERY happy for me…………..

What can I say, I LOVE writing. I LOVE CREATING. I also love reading, but not enough to have completed all my reading assignments in college (I had better books on my mind that won over my interest). I also love journaling; it’s how I express myself, but the most important lesson I learned is nested in the next paragraph…

YOUR DREAMS MATTER. If anyone tells you they don’t, they’re a damn lie.

This the best picture my best friend has ever shared with me at just the right time. #ThankYou

If you are a young writer or in k-12, keep writing, and don’t stop…ever… unless of course you just genuinely don’t like it. This goes for every other dream any of you have right now or DID have, but let fear prevent you from pursuing. What do you love and dream about doing most? How would you like to leave your mark on this earth? How would you like to help others? What are you passionate about? Whatever your answers are to these questions…GO and ACT and on them NOW. Why Not You and Why Not Now? #JimRohn If you stopped a long time ago, it’s time to START BACK. Fall in love again with your roots, passions, dreams, and desires. Don’t shy away from your dreams.

Dig them [your dreams] up from the grave you buried them in and bring them back to life. You are still alive, which means your dreams probably are, too…

— Destiny S. Harris

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