Why The Obsession With Sex?

“It feels good — deliciously good.” — Most people

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

But sex has never been good enough to:

  • Rape others

  • Molest others

  • Exploit others through sex trafficking

  • Exploit others through prostitution

  • Exploit others through illegal pornography 

  • Implement into every advertisement because “sex sells”

  • Implement into every song because “sex sells”

  • Implement into every music video because “sex sells”

  • Implement into every social media post because “sex gets likes”

  • Pay others less than they deserve because of their sex

  • Prevent others from having the choice to have sex integrated into most forms of media

And even though society is obsessed with sex, somehow, they are simultaneously ashamed of it. Despite sex still being a taboo subject for many people, somehow sex has made its way into almost every sector of our lives.

If sex was so great and beneficial, though, why isn’t it positively changing more lives? 

Who made a claim and started the train that sex = intimacy, and is indeed a requirement that must happen the day you get married?

How beneficial is the “release” people get from sex? Are people seriously so ignorant that we have come to believe the only way to relieve stress, have a smile on our faces, be inspired, be in a relationship, and feel and be vibrant is to have sex? 

Why do so many people abuse “sexual exploration” by consistently engaging in unprotected sex or just sleeping with whomever, whenever? 

What has sex made you discover about yourself outside of what you prefer sexually? 

Have we forgotten how to connect with people without touching them?

I hope you know there is more to a relationship than sex.

Are we like animals? Are sex, food, and water all we need?

It’s about time people:

  • Get new hobbies and become more well-rounded in the extra-curricular department

  • Let go of their addiction to sex

  • Stop abusing others with sex

  • Stop including sex in every advertisement and form of media

  • Stop perpetuating the thought that every person is just a sexual creature

  • Stop assuming that everyone wants to see sex all of the time

  • Stop assuming everyone wants to have sex

  • Stop assuming that sex is a necessary part of a relationship and relationship is dead without sex

  • Stop assuming that all men want to have sex with women and that all women want to have sex with men. There are a lot of different shades of colors in the world today. You can’t keep putting people in boxes anymore because differences exist.

  • Stop over-creating ads that are made for two demographics — white males and males in general.

Is it so hard to look at people in the eye instead of visually and physically consuming every piece of their body?

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